Jan 10, 2011

An update about Martha

 An update about Martha.  
     The day I took the photos of Martha I also felt the urge to pray, I could hear it being said with in me to do so.
We were busy tired and ready to go and being told it was late we should go. We headed back to the car.  Ream went back to get something and as I and the team paused about 30 feet from the house.  I told Alicia who has been staying with us, she should make a habit of coming and prying for her on Saturdays when she comes to the church, because we really have not done so.  We've been busy calling hospitals and figuring things out that we haven't called on God really.  Our other guest Neal said "well should we do it now".  Yes I said I feel that we should, because we haven't.
So we went back and prayed, Ream prayed in Khmer to the family and I got to hold her hand, which was barely bigger than my thumb.

We finished up and came home.

I posted the blog asked for help and called more hospitals and arranged for the trip to the city the next day.  The next morning we got the call that the hospital said they can help with her nutrition and is going to educate mom on how to care for her.  They will create a special nipple so she can eat more easily.  She also has some infections on her throat that they have to test to see what is going on.  I also got to speak to the doctor on the phone that day and he told me Martha is only 400 grams above her birth weight.  The good news is that is dose not look like they have to do a feeding tube, which is good.
She will never fully recover from what the shot did to her when she was young, but she is not going to be okay for now.
Martha and the family had a great experience at these hospitals, it is the first time in two years they have had a doctor take the time to say they can help.  The family has renewed hope for Martha's  future and are more than happy to continue their efforts.  They have to go back in two weeks for test results. 

So good news right?

We called them that night to make sure they got home alright from the city and the grandma told us
the really good news.  Grandma told Ream on the phone the day we prayed.  Martha went to sleep shortly after we left but when she awoke she looked at the can of powdered formula and started to reach for and cry for it. 
Mom mixed some up and Martha began to drink regularly for the first time.
Martha now craves the powdered formula, where before she would refuse to eat it.
She has been eating regularly for a week now on Saturday we visited her again and we could see she has been eating, we could see it in her face and bloated belly.  It was the first time we've ever seen her smile and got to hear her laugh.  We were so pleased with what we saw.

I think it is easy to call it a small miracle.

The family knows they've seen a miracle as well and we pray so do the neighbors.

It's totally cool that all of us praying would be allowed to be used by God in such a way.

Also Martha just turned 2 years old this past week.

She will still need to go back to the doctor to see the test results regarding her infections in a week.  So prayer for these is still needed.

Thank you to all who responded, offered to help and pray.  Martha, now eating will still need help.
She will not need the more expensive liquid formula but the family still could use help with the powdered mix and doctors.  

What I would like to do for those who contacted me to help is to accept your help now in with what amount you'd like to give how ever you wish to do so.
We will be giving the donation over to Pastor Khon my father in-law since the family goes to his cell church.
He will buy the necessary food her month at a time over the period of time she'll needs it.  It will also cover her doctor visits and expenses.    
We should be able to get her free wheel chairs and such things from NGO's in the future, so I don't see these types of items being funded.

So for now for the foreseeable future her food will be between $60 and $100 a month for the next year or two.  Her last doctor visit was $120 and her next one will probably run the same.
A Check can be made out to:

Calvary Chapel of Fallbrook
Memo to: A4550 Khon

Mail it to:

Calvary Chapel of Fallbrook
488 Industrial Way
Fallbrook CA 92028
You must put in the Memo: part the code A4550 khon for it to make it to the right need.
You may also put a note in the envelope for the Church staff letting them know it is for Cambodia and make mention to the memo so it does not get missed by mistake.

I have not made such a special need known on the blog before even though there are many such special needs in our area.  I try and use the blog to focus on the orphanage and what is done here
so I will not be posting more on Martha's recovery in the future. 

I do have a growing list of people who have asked for updates and needs for Martha in the future I will only email this group.  I have nearly 10 people offering to help Martha, if you wish to do so as well please email us about the update list and I will put you name on it.

Thanks you being apart of a miracle this week.


P.s. I am working on our Christmas photos for the next post.

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