Jan 4, 2013

Moving to a New Page

Moving to a New Page

You can click on the link below and book mark it.

This old blog will remain open to continue sharing A Greater Hope Orphanage's wonderful past April 2006 to December 2012.  Please continue to pour over these archives while keeping in touch with the new blog and the stories to be shared.

Our new Blog will focus on our future, possibly the next 6 years before we run out of space again. 
Please help us by sharing the new site with people and letting them know we've moved.

Thank you for your help us with this move.  

Dec 4, 2012

Out of Space

We've run out of space on our blog for photos.  Any ideas please let us know.

We do have a face book page your welcome to visit.  This has become a place for a lot of our past photos pretty much unedited all the way back from 2006.  We have posted up to 2010 right now.


Nov 30, 2012

Potter's Field show date

Sunday, December 9, 2012 at 4:00 pm at Calvary Chapel Fallbrook,
Pastor Mike Rozell will be speaking about Potters Field Ministry's new involvement with our Heart for Wisdom School in Cambodia.  
Everyone is welcome to join us and find out more about this wonderful new chapter for our orphanage in Cambodia.

Pastor Mike and Pan have both been ill recently please continue to pray for them.  The are on tour right now and I am sure this isn't the best timing for them.  

Also my brother in-laws  Ra and Sirin are in the USA right now and will be in Fallbrook for a short time.  I encourage for you to meet them.  This is Sirins first trip to the USA.  You can probably make contact with Ra via Face Book if you know him.

Nov 8, 2012

Partnering in Ministry

A Heart For Wisdom school in Cambodia founded by the Carson Family under Calvary Chapel Fallbrook NGO in Cambodia would like to say YES, that is our face in the future. 

Though it's only 99% official while the MOU is finalized I've been allowed to share that CCF Cambodia / (us) has been given a tremendous blessing and will be partnering with Potter's Field Ministries. 

A Heart for Wisdom school will become a supported ministry of Potter's Field Kids program. 

We currently also intend to become an extension site for the IGNITE mission training program where missionaries will serve 6 months with us supporting and growing our ministries here.

A Heart For Wisdom with grow next year from providing elementary classes to providing Junior High classes and licensing for High school.

The school will intern provide for a number of other ministries such as a clinic, possibly adult education and a Christian College.

To what end all this will come too God only knows, but I've been given permission to dream.

What trust, what a blessing. Takeo has no idea what's coming.

Over the next year a large amount of what we do will under go changes. Please bear with us in understanding.

So how will this effect A Greater Hope Orphanage. Well a far better education will be provided for our kids, we will be able to educate our upper grades 7-12.

We will have greater ability to provide for their time in college with possible housing cost covered.

We will also be looking at our kids to provide them a careers if they wish. We will be employing a large number of people from with in our community, really hope many of them will be the kids we've worked so hard with.

As our MOU is finalized our future will become clearer the opportunities will better defined.

Workers, laborers, here is your opportunity for you to attend a wonderful mission training program growing yourself in preparation for the mission field. Perhaps that field will be with us.

I am excited, really busy but excited.

Nov 3, 2012

A Photo Gem

Once a while a real treat turns up when a family finds a photo of our children and is willing to share it with us.

 Sorya and Chantrea
 2004 ages 6 and 3

Soray 14

Chantrea 11

Sorya and Chantrea hold a special place in my heart because they are as beautiful on in the inside as they are on the outside.  I can say it's been a pleasure and a blessing to care for these two so far.