Jan 3, 2011

A Small plea for Martha

A Small plea for Martha.
Martha is almost two years old and she is staving to death.
Martha had a sever reaction to a shot when she was 4 days old, she turned yellow and lost control of her body, she has been nursing for the last two years.  Mom is not producing enough milk anymore and Martha is slowly wasting away.
Because of her condition she hasn't been able to eat solid foods and will not drink the powdered baby formula we have given them.   She did drink and liked the premixed Pedia Sure but this is very expensive, it would cost her 3 times their monthly income to feed her this.

She has visited several clinics and hospitals that are not really able or willing to help.
We have arranged for her to visit a more modern hospital soon.  This will obvious be more than they can afford.  I am hoping and pushing for the hospital to start a feeding tube to fatten Martha up while they help her to start eating solids. 

Martha's is the families first child, they are wonderful Christians who have faith that their child will make it.  They have endured their neighbors telling them to just let her die and to just give up and try again.  They spent two tireless years doing what they can in a very difficult place under very difficult circumstances.  They are nearly out of options and can't afford the options we have come up with.

I am asking if you would pray for her.  Please pray that this next hospital will be able to or are willing to help her.  Please pray for the families efforts and love for the child to strengthen them that they can continue to care for Martha and her needs.  You can purely pray for a miracle to happen.  Most importantly you can pray God's will is done. 

I am also asking if you would consider helping them afford options that come up, such as buying the Pedia Sure for a couple months and afford the more costly hospitals.  

If your interested in helping you can email us at kitandream@gmail.com.  We will put you on a mailing list that we will send out regarding how you might help with her expenses and up date you on her recovery efforts.

Thank you for your prayers

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